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We are a collective of women

from the Treasure Valley who want to genuinely find community with other women by attending mindfully-planned social events.

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upcoming events hosted by the Empowered Women Collective

We invite all women (21+) of the Treasure Valley to attend EWC events. Come as you are and feel welcome where ever you are in your journey.


where women empower women

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Events that inspire

Meet-ups & Mixers

From insightful speakers to fun-filled gatherings, our events are designed to inspire and uplift. Whether you're exploring personal growth, professional development, or simply seeking self-care moments, you'll find it with the other women in our Collective.

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Empowering Conversations

Sharing your Gifts

At EWC, we understand the power of connection in the lives of women. Our community is more than just a gathering; it's a supportive space where women come together to share their gifts to uplift others and help them thrive.

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Embracing Each Other

Hear inspiring stories from other women in the Treasure Valley who have overcome trials and achieved their goals, and find people who empower you to growth in your own journey. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, and refreshing drinks while unwinding from the daily hustle and connecting with amazing women in a welcoming setting.

the leader of the Empowered Women Collective


psychologist by day and social event planner by night

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Hey there. I’m Jen Jordan, the leader of the Empowered Women Collective. EWC was founded by Hanna McGee as Empowered Women Connect and has been around for over five years providing opportunities for women of the Treasure Valley to meet & mingle during our monthly social events.

I want EWC to be a place where women find their people. A community where you are accepted as you are and you leave events feeling loved, connected, and empowered to do whatever your calling. Together we create this community and I invite you to come be a part of it!

This Collective is not just for entrepreneurs — it is for ALL women regardless of how they spend their days.

In addition to being the leader of EWC, I am the founder of a local group psychology practice, Eagle Therapist Collective, which provides support for our community in navigating the stresses of daily life. My practice specifically focuses on helping women build the skills and confidence in combating anxiety and the negative stories that take up space in our minds that infer with our ability to live our best lives.

Join the Empowered Women Collective today and embark on a journey where meaningful relationships flourish, and women empower women. Come find your people!


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